Structure of the sessions and registration.

Your GP (or any medical doctor) can refer you for therapy or you make that decision by yourself.

We will always work by appointment.

During the first session, your issues and expectations will be discussed. Here we establish a good therapeutic relationship. This is important because every relationship, also the therapeutic one, sometimes goes through difficult moments.

At the start of the therapy, we will clarify what is at the cause of your problems.  New elements will arise during the therapy which will complement and enrich the unfolding of the  therapeutic process. All information is viewed in a holistic way. We work towards healing of what is at the root of your issues and blockages.

We will choose one issue as a starting point, because trying to solve everything simultaneously is an impossible task. Step by step we will unravel and resolve what is distressing you. All sessions include conversationsand practical exercises. At the end of each session, you will receive some homework to integrate the awareness and healing process in your daily life.

Initially the sessions will be scheduled at short intervals, for example once a week. As soon as the client feels better and more secure, the sessions will be further apart. Most problems can be solved within 10 – 12 meetings. Some people will require a longer treatment as certain issues are more complex and need more time to be resolved. The amount and frequency of treatments will be assessed individually.