During my life, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about human behavior and all the emotions that go along with it. At 14 I developed a curiosity to know more about myself and life. I read all the books that I could find in the library about self-development and relationships. Additionally, I observed myself and the people around me. When I was 18 I combined my physiotherapy study with a teacher training course in Okido-Yoga. Here I had my first experiences in yoga, meditation, shiatsu, macrobiotics and developed an open and healthy way of living. After six years I got my degree in physiotherapy, some work experience with physical and mental disabled children and gave birth to my first daughter. During the next eight years I raised my 4 daughters, while I was running an alternative center for health and consciousness. The sessions I gave were mainly: shiatsu treatments, emotional body work, yoga for adults and children, meditation classes and guiding pregnant women towards a natural delivery.

At some point, Belgium felt too small for me. We sold our house and began our one year world adventure. Via the Netherlands, we traveled to Tahiti, New Zealand and back to Europe with our final stop being Spain. Then myy fifth and youngest daughter was born. We settled down in Visalibons, a village in the Pyrenees. There we converted with the help of volunteers, a barn into a fantastic house. Although I really enjoyed living a rural life, I also needed intellectual input. That is why I started studying psychology and over a period of 10 years I achieved my master degree.

Currently I am giving third generation cognitive behavioral therapy to individuals: children, families, singles, couples – to anyone who needs support -and also to corporate organisations (managers and employees). I always create tailor made solutions.

A special group of people where I’m working with are highly sensitive people. I and 3 of my daughters are HSP.

I give session online and on location in Spain. I see clients from the Spanish Pyrenees till Zaragoza.

I am available to give workshops or retreats on request at various locations.

My house in Visalibons is to rent for anyone seeking the tranquility of nature or for people who want to combine their holiday with the benefits of therapy. Everyone is welcome here.