I'm Hilde van Cauteren. I  give third generation cognitive behavioral therapy to individuals: children, families, singles, couples – to anyone who needs support -and also to corporate organisations (managers and employees). I always create tailor made solutions.

A special group of people where I’m working with are highly sensitive people. I and 3 of my daughters are HSP.

I give session online and on location in Spain. I see clients from the Spanish Pyrenees till Zaragoza.

I am available to give workshops or retreats on request at various locations.



For whom is the third generation of behavioral therapy useful? The answer is simple. For everyone!


Online therapy

Do you want to follow therapy from the comfort of your own home? View the options for following online therapies.



Mindfulness can help you to enjoy more every day but also to cope with and overcome problems. You can learn to be mindful.


Highly sensitive person

Do you think that you are a highly sensitive and do you want to discover more about it or do you know that you are highly sensitive and do you want to learn how to deal with it better? Contact me for more information.



Do you have problems educating your children?  I can help you with therapy for parents, both online and in person while you are on vacation in Spain or go to your home.



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