If you would like to spend a holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees while at the same time work on your issues (individually or in family context), than Visalibons is the perfect location.


The house you can rent, is situated on the beautiful mountain in a quiet small village of barely 15 houses. Here you find real silence. The views are stunning and you smell pure nature in the air. There is also the option for you to stay at a campsite or hotel in the area.


There is the possibility of daily therapy sessions and massage treatments in combination with leisure activities like sunbathing, outings, walking, swimming, eating ice cream … and whatever else you wish to do on holidays.


The benefit of combining therapy with your vacation is that you have all the time to integrate your new insights while having the immediate support available.


There can also be an arrangement made that I live with you or with your family for a few days to maximize the benefits of the therapy.


However, life is not only about solving your problems. The key is learning to see and enjoy what we have whilst doing that what motivates us and makes us happy. Here in Visalibons you can explore activities like gardening, building and making crafts. You can enjoy music and dance or have your solitude to read and to be in nature. This is the perfect location to combine your holidays with your creativity and personal development.