In our society with mobile phones and wifi, we are always accessible for everything and everyone. Teenagers in particular can lose themselves in games, social media and videos available to them through the internet, although the overuse of the web applies to all ages.


Young adults are no longer able to face their own problems or make decisions by themselves. They are overwhelmed by the advice from friends via instagram, whatsapp and whoever can reach them on social media.


These days young people know a lot from watching videos and information online. But they also need to learn social skills and to deal their feelings and emotions in real life. Getting to know your inner life and being ‘comfortable’ with pain, frustration and boredom takes time – time that teenagers have ‘no time’ for.


Life seems to happen in series and movies. Series didn’t exist when I was young and movies were a treat for a Saturday afternoon or during holidays. We used to play outdoors. Through interacting and engaging with friends, we had real life experiences which were our stepping stones into the adult world. Now teenagers get their impression of ‘life’ through what they perceive from the screen. It is beneficial for young people to spend time outdoors and away from internet, movies and artificial stimuli.


The house in Visalibons has no television. There is wifi but this can be easily disconnected. It would then require a walk of a few km to reach the nearest wifi spot.


Several activities can be planned for individuals or small groups, without the need to carry a mobile phone along.