Is there too much stress in your life? Maybe you experience stress at work, at home with the children, while studying or in your relationship? Maybe you even stress during your free time.

Except for those of us who live in rural areas – away far from busy city life – it is very difficult to find a silent and peaceful place today. For many people, the daily moments of relaxation are too short to really unwind. In this way stress keeps building up.

Peacefulness is readily available in Visalibons. In this small village you can truly relax. There is an absolute silence when the birds are not whistling or when the leaves are not rustling through the wind. You smell fresh air and see only nature, mountains and forest.

Visibalibons is situated along a dead-end street so there is no traffic. You will seldom see or hear cars. But it is also not cut off from the civilized world. At a distance of 4 km you find a bar / restaurant, at 10 km is a petrol station plus supermarket and at 12 km you will find a swimming pool.

There are endless hiking tracks and sports opportunities in nature and in the surrounding villages. Bridges, churches and cathedrals in the area are outstanding for those who love history and culture. There are several local restaurants. If you wish, I can even cater meals for you in Visalibons.

Your rest and relaxation can be supplemented with shiatsu or oil massages.