Mindfulness is being in the here and now.

We live in a society where theoretically everything is possible and achievable. However, we are daily confronted with frustrations because those objects which are glamorously displayed as what we could and should have in order to be happy, are still difficult to obtain.

Often, we are busy planning how to achieve our goals, hoping to be happy someday in the future. This way we forget to enjoy and value what is happening in the moment.

We also hold on to our past. We think about what we did and why, question what we did wrong or wish to change what happened to us. By being busy with the past, we close our eyes to the beauty that is NOW displayed in and around us. The HERE and NOW is the only moment that is real. NOW is the moment to enjoy, to live and to experience.

This NOW does not always offer us happy moments. Life is not always happy or beautiful. This is the reality that we need to accept.

But living in the NOW allows us to consciously enjoy all the beauty we experience in every moment of the day. You can learn mindfulness and being mindful will help you to enjoy life more each day. It will also support you to cope with issues and overcome problems. Mindfulness helps everyone to feel better. Therapy which includes mindfulness is recommended for dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, borderline, phobias… It is easy to use in daily life for adults as well as for children and teenagers.